Donating to the Right Charity

In the US there are over 180,000 registered charities that generate over 52 billion in donations. This makes the charity sector hugely competitive with many charities competing for your donations. Many charities support the same causes so how do you choose which charity to go for? In this article we will provide some guidelines for when trying to choose a charity to support.

Giving to charity is a wonderful way to support people or causes that desperately need it. Many of us are in a position to donate but finding the right cause can be difficult. This is because we are often inundated with junk charity mail and phone calls. This is often overwhelming and leaves people feeling frustrated. The key is to find something you believe in.

Choose a Cause You Believe In

Charities cover a wide range of issues and it is likely that at least one or two issues they support will have affected you in some way. Some people believe in many issues which makes choosing even more difficult. The important thing is to look at is how much you can afford and how many charities you feel you can comfortably support. Most people tend to support one or two charities. If you believe in something then you are more likely to support it. If you don’t then the level of your donations is likely to be low or at least reduce over time.

Registered Charities

The Charity Commission is the charity regulator. A registered charity will be given a unique charity number. This shows that they are registered with the Charity Commission and records about individual charities can be found. It’s a good starting point for when researching charities. If a charity you are looking into is not registered with these this could suggest there is a potential problem.

Fraudulent Charities

When donating to a charity you will want to make sure that they are a legitimate charity. This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly you will want to see if they are registered with the Charity Commission. You can find further information about a charity on the Charity Commission website. If they are not registered then you may want to do some further research.

A good starting point for this would be to do some searches on a search engine such as Google. See if there is any negative commentary or if they have an official website. These two searches usually give you a feeling as to whether or not a charity is legitimate.
The most important thing to do when looking to donate is to use your common sense. If it looks or feels wrong then go elsewhere.

Giving to charity doesn’t have to involve donating money. You could put on an event on or volunteers for a day. All these things can help and both businesses and individuals can get involved.

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